Business Intelligence and Data Science

Numbers into a story!

Business Performance Story

Numbers into a story. Your Business Performance Story!

The KPI Insight formula:

Economics + Data Mining + Business Intelligence dashboards + Face-to-Face 'story telling' presentations

+ over 15 years' Aged and Community Care experience

Transform your data into your Business Performance Story to better make financial and well-being determining decisions.  Disparate data views transformed into a single Microsoft Power BI portal.

A story turning your data into a single language understood by all levels of your business.  Transparent key performance indicators (KPI) for all levels of the business united in evidence-based decision making.  The story creating an 'anti-silo' culture created equally by Board, Executive and direct staff alike.

Clearer communication, reduced response lag, greater opportunity for innovation, improved efficiency reducing financial and well-being costs per input all possible with your data and KPI Insight's expertise in business intelligence and data science. 


What We Do



KPI Insight's Community Care Performance Benchmarking.

See your Business Performance Story compared to the Industry across 30 different financial, efficiency and well-being KPIs by 10 unique slicing options.

Home support staff turnover almost double in the first six months of employment

Community Care Benchmarking

Business Intelligence


Our customised business intelligence and data science

KPI data modelling and dashboards.

Display your Business Performance Story to your organisation across 40 different financial, efficiency and well-being KPIs by over 15 unique slicing options.

A 1% improvement in staff productivity equals a 2% reduction in labour costs 

per hour of care

Models and dashboards

Workforce Planning


KPI Insight's Workforce Planning models match your staff supply to your customer demand, when and where you need it.

Matching scheduled demand, predicted demand, rostered supply, available supply.

For tomorrow, today.

Customer missed home visits are 

highest on Thursdays after lunch

When and where

Predictive Analytics


Our Forecasting models use past data to forecast future outcomes.

Identify and predict large costs, intervene before they happen, cost and benefit for net return on investment (ROI).

One of our KPI Insight models is

currently predicting 65% of staff injuries before they occur


Ad-Hoc Analytics


Uniting disparate data sets, streamlining reporting and/or special cost/benefit projects, we pride ourselves on getting you the best understandings from your data.

If there is a data question, there is a data answer.  We can help you find it.

Answer your business questions with evidence-based answers,

not anecdotal theories 

evidence-based answers